About Hobart Obesity Surgery Centre

Hobart Obesity Surgery Centre has two Tasmanian locations: one in Hobart and the other in Launceston. Dr Tony Patiniotis services both locations and it is best to contact the clinic on 03 6231 5577 to organise an appointment. 

Support staff

Kate Round
Role:         Practice Manager
Located:   Hobart 

Kate has been with Hobart Obesity Surgery Centre for 12 months and is available to answer all of your questions about Lap-band® Surgery. Prior to joining Tony, Kate worked in Anaesthetic's industry for 3 years which provided her with a great understanding of the health care industry and how to best manage patient expectations and requirements. 


Other support staff

Dr Tony Patiniotis does not use a dietician, psychologist or physician. Although these professionals are used when needed and a list of recommended professionals can be provided on request. Dr Tony Patiniotis sees all his own patients and provides personalised counselling, dietary advice, and all his banding patients have 24 hours access to him via mobile phone service.






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