What are the Lap-band® Surgery Costs?

What is involved and how much will Lap-band® Surgery cost?

Unlike many other surgical procedures, the decision to use the Lap-band® System for weight loss often requires more than just the surgical team. 

Sometimes a whole team of health care professionals is needed to conduct the:

  • Pre-surgical program
  • Intensive twelve month post-operative support program
  • Sustained follow-up that is needed for the remainder of the time that you are using the Lap-band® System.   

The Lap-band® System is a systematic weight loss program, not simply an operation.

What is included in the Hobart Obesity Surgery Centre costs?

The costs associated with Lap-band® Surgery are detailed below:

  • Surgeon's fee: $3,000 with discount of $500 applied for early payment this reduces to $2,500. Medicare and Health fund rebate payable on this help to reduce the out of pocket expense to approximately $1,700.
  • Assistant surgeon's fee: this is covered by Medicare for self insured or No-Gap for insured patients.
  • Anaesthetist's fee: this varies from case to case depending on the complexity and an approximate quote can be obtained if requested depending on the specific anaesthetist. A Medicare and Health Fund rebate also applies to this amount but there will be out of pocket expenses.

The additional benefits of choosing Hobart Obesity Surgery Centre include:

  • Monthly medical reviews and check-ups until you reach your goal weight.
  • Annually medical reviews after you have reached your goal weight and while you still use the Lap-band® System.
  • All band adjustments including Huber needles and consumables.
  • Free access for additional medical consultations at any time if problems arise.
  • No out-of pocket costs if you ever need any corrective surgery for your gastric band (provided you maintain your health insurance).  

If corrective surgery is needed (band migration or slip, or port problem) a further visit to hospital will be required and the expense is the patient’s responsibility. Insured patients will not receive a bill from Dr Tony Patiniotis but may have out of pocket expense for the anaesthetist and excess for hospital admission. Self insured patients are entirely responsible for their costs (hospital fee, prosthesis, anaesthetist’s gap) which may be considerable.

Dr Tony Patiniotis' fee for any corrective surgery is covered by Medicare but it is strongly recommended to taking out Health Insurance to cover that possible outcome. Please note that waiting periods do apply and therefore this cannot be done only when or if there is a problem.


You will be given a full estimate of costs with corresponding Item Numbers following your first consultation. It is recommended that you talk to Medicare and your private health insurer to determine personal out of pocket expenses.

Dr Tony Patiniotis does not recommend this procedure if it might possibility cause considerable financial hardship, if you are funding this yourself. 

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