Real Life Weight Loss Success Stories

Alicia - lost 52.2kg with Lap-band® Surgery!


Name: Alicia

Age: 21

Profession: Personal Assistant 

Date operated: December 2008 

Pre-surgery weight: 112.2 kg

Current weight: 60 kg




What has been the biggest change in your life because of your weight loss procedure?

Feeling like I can achieve things now that once I would never have even considered has helped my self confidence enormously, therefore I don’t let anything hold me back these days and will give anything a go and live my life to the fullest without feeling like I have any limitations.

What has been the biggest challenge with your weight loss procedure?

Actually making the decision to have the operation was my biggest challenge.

What 5 tips would you give a potential patient?

  1. Make sure that you fully understand the procedure and the process post operation to know it is for you.
  2. Be aware of all possible complications that can occur.
  3. Know that it is not a quick fix and still requires a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your fitness and toning during the process.
  4. Be able and most importantly willing to make changes to your lifestyle/eating habits along the way to adapt to the adjustments.
  5. Don’t make the decision lightly to have to procedure done, you have to really want it and be prepared for a challenge at times to be able to benefit 100% from the procedure.

What has your experience with weight loss surgery been like?

  1. Achievable.
  2. Exciting.
  3. Rewarding.
  4. Hard at times, but well worth it.
  5. Overall life changing.

Do you have any additional comments?

People need to realise that they too can get the same results as I have had simply by having the dedication and want that I did. I highly recommend the procedure as long as you are willing to make it work.

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