Real Life Weight Loss Success Stories

Jennifer - lost 32.6 kg with Lap-band® Surgery!


Name: Jennifer

Age: 37 

Date operated: 17/5/2008

Pre-surgery weight: 109.3 kg

Current weight: 76.7 kg and falling



What has been the biggest change in your life because of your weight loss surgery?

  1. Much higher level of self confidence. I no longer feel like the biggest person that always stands out in a crowd. I now feel like I just blend in... for the 1st time in my life - heavenly!!!
  2. I no longer have to shop in oversized clothing shops, for the first time in my life I can go into any shop and grab anything off the rack! I had always dreamed of it and with lapband it's now a reality!
  3. I have stopped feeling guilty for enjoying all types of food because I can eat everything and still lose weight!!!

What has been the biggest challenge with your weight loss procedure?

  1. Chewing - Due to being a grinder/clencher.
  2. Remaining patient to get to ideal weight because I know alone I couldn't get there but with lapband I can. It's so exciting but don't ever rush... it will happen...Who wants saggy skin and another operation if it's avoidable... which it is.

What 6 tips would you give a potential patient?

  1. Listen to Doctor's instructions and advice and follow it. This can save a lot of missunderstanding and inconvenience and prevent any potential discomfort.
  2. Know and understand a lapband is by no means a 'quick fix' - it is a life changing operation and the lapband is going to be inside your body for a long time. You can just change your mind when you feel like it and go back to old eating habits like you can with diet shakes etc.
  3. "Chew" - it's not until you have the lapband in and one forced to chew food properly that you realise yourself just how bad your eating habits are... or were!!! I discovered I used to chew a little bit and swallow quite a lot; that's how I stacked on the kilos! Now that lapband forces the restriction (thankfully!) I chew everything and have realised before this, I just basically "gutsed" everything and the body NEVER needed it but I stuffed food in because I could. Now I am forced to eat smaller amount but still of everything my heart desires. It makes me feel quite ill, thinking back at how I used to eat before the operation. It makes me feel ill now being in public and noticing other large people eating the way I used to. I just can't help thinking..."you poor should go see Tony before you give yourself a heart attack or destroy that body further!!!".
  4. Prepare yourself for the life you have always dreamt of! By having this Lapband put into your body. You are creating your own reality of happiness, confidence, success and even healthyness! Once Lapband operation is over and done with and the pain from operation has gone..."Game on!"...No more dreaming! I wish I could eat that or wishing you could fit into your friends clothes... it really is and will happen! Just sit back, know you're in good hands and enjoy!!!
  5. Lapband can stay in your body for up to 17 years (approximately). Never ever think about it being a foreign object in your body. I am sure it can drive some people bonkers! I never think about it and have trained myself to be like this from the start. It's there in my body because I myself chose it because I couldn't lose the weight by myself and it does do its job perfectly. So don't become obsessed with lapband being n your body, think about the life and fantastic future its giving you and soon enough you won't even know its there...ever!!!
  6. Don't worry too much about the "junk/comfort food" cravings you get at the start of your weightloss. Your body will automatically crave what it knows, but miraculously, after a short while you will automatically lose that craving as instead of tasting the food, you actually taste all the fat and salt instead and that's when the cravings for Junk dissapear and you realise your body craves for healthy foods, vitamins, etc and you learn to listen to those new cravings and really enjoy it!

What has your experience with weight loss surgery been like?

  1. Fantastic - have had no pain illness or difficulties with lapband as I have followed Tony's advice.
  2. There is absolutely nothing I can't eat: steak, potatoes, etc - easy!
  3. I love eating smaller amounts and sometimes lots of small amounts, as I can taste everything much better.
  4. Men! - who would have ever thought?! They now look at me and treat me normally...which is flattering beyond belief!!!
  5. I love people who haven't seen me for ages and say: "Hey, how you going? Where's the rest of you gone?!". A fantastic feeling money alone can't buy.

Do you have any additional comments?

Only allow a doctor that has the highest reputtion for operating with no mistakes to touch your body. Do your research and talk to others to find out who's the best in your area. Also, you will definitely need a doctor who has a fantastic bedside manner and who has the ability to talk to you like you need someone who understands you and doesn't treat you like a number. For such an operation...believe me, you only want the me!

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